Welcome. The war rose with the seas… This is the story of Platform III.

Rain began to fall on the platform, great storms that lasted for weeks at a time. Mere puddles became ponds, and ponds grew to lakes. The lakes swelled and turned into oceans, and the oceans devoured mountains. Eventually, entire continents were lost under the waves. The crisis began long before that, though…

Fearful of a resource shortfall, a few reactionaries banded together and began wandering across the land. They pillaged and murdered as they pleased, allowing only those brutal enough to pledge allegiance to them to live. Their numbers swelled, and before long they were the most capable fighting force on Platform III.

Those that have yet to be attacked band together, but it’s too late. Much of the platform belongs to the enemy, and they are facing their final days.

As a massive army begins forcing their way into the last stronghold via battering ram, those that remain remember past exploits with every ringing blow…


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